Operations Manual?

When it was released, Wilco’s Boeing 767 Pilot In Command program fae_f18revolutionized the way people looked at Microsoft’s Flight Simulator. No longer was it considered simply a “game” to outsiders and real pilot’s alike. Wilco’s team demonstrated that it wasn’t just a pretty program with nice graphics, but it could be used to house and compliment advanced, complex aircraft add-ons. Many real 757 and 767 pilots commented that the 767PIC was a fantastic program, one which they never thought possible with conventional “off the shelf” flight simulators. For those of you unacquainted, 767PIC is a representation of the Boeing 767 aircraft, in fact it’s the most accurate representation of any aircraft ever released for MSFS. Features include the most realistic cockpit ever produced, a fully working overhead panel and systems, including hydraulics, pneumatics, IRS and many more, throttle quadrant and the most sophisticated and best integrated FMC in Flight Simulator history.

Failures are also implemented to a large extent: for example what do you do when your hydraulics loose pressure? When your tire blows? Or when you have an engines fire? (For that one you actually pull the fire handle, and rotate it to use the fire extinguisher on the engine 😉

As a result of this complexity with the aircraft, it is actually possible to use real boeing operation manuals and FMC user guides to learn how to operate it. Of course there are several comprehensive manuals which come with the program, and these are what you should read first, but having read through those and gotten a feel for the aircraft, a real boeing 767 manual with charts and tables would be an excellent reference for your flights. Hang on I hear you mutter…how on earth do I get my hands on a real Boeing Operations Manual?

Essco Inc. is a company based in Ohio, USA who provide aircraft manuals, new, used and reproduced. They cater for the majority of commercial and general aviation aircraft and have a fantastic selection of manuals available for the majority of Boeings and now Airbus. They also have a large selection of pilot supplies, simulator hardware and flight training aids for both the novice and veteran flyer. Considering that you are buying real manual replicas, the price is quite reasonable too.

The 767 manual itself is a hefty one…very large and bulky, as one would expect. It comes in two volumes, part one and part two. Volume one is a hefty 2-3 inch thick operations manual which describes everything a pilot need to know about 767 operations from cockpit layout and descriptions, to descriptions of major systems and operations procedures. This is excellent reference material for any 767PIC fan and it goes into depth on everything it covers. It also includes checklists and performance tables.

Volume two is a smaller, handy book which describes the 767 operational philosophy, flight checks, every flight procedure (in detail including automatic flight and things like trim setting, thrust management etc.), standard cockpit phraseology, and includes comprehensive performance tables including ones for stick shaker, landing flaps etc. It is essentially a very helpful quick reference guide.

The books are extremely helpful and interesting guides to 767 operation and their layout is simple and language is easy to understand. They serve too as great reading during those long trans-continental flights, to improve things like your landing technique and just to see how amazingly close to reality 767PIC really is.

Overall, the manuals are terrific references for 767PIC fans and are worthy of purchase. Not everyone would appreciate buying a real aircraft manual for a flight simulator like 767PIC, but then again, most PIC flyers are dedicated hardcore enthusiasts and being one myself, I know that it’s a real benefit to have as much information as possible around you about what aircraft you’re flying. To that extent, those of you who fly the 767PIC in FS2002 should seriously consider getting your hands on these. They have certainly raised my flying experience to a higher level of realism.

You can find the manual at www.esscoaircraft.com 

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