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FS2000 – Pan Am Boeing 747-400 “Clipper Nautilus” N4703U

In honour of a great airline of the past , version 1.0. By Frank Di Candia.You can see from the inside of cockpit, wings and engines. This aircraft is a high detailed version and true ...

FS98/FS2000 Pan Am 747-121

This is the first 747 delivered to an airline. N733PA “Clipper Young America” was delivered to Pan Am on Dec 13, 1969. It went into airline service on Jan 21, 1970 but had ...

FS98/FS2000 Pan Am MD-82

MD-82 Clipper Brazil by Bruno Kussler Marques Download:

FS98 Pam Am L1011-500 TriStar

Registration N64911 delivered to Pan American late 80’s and named “Clipper Eagle”. This was the first Tristar-500 of Pan Am. Features moving landing gears, landing ...

FS98/FS2000 Pan Am – BAe Jetstream 31

“Clipper Connecticut” is part of the NEW Pan Am fleet serving as a feeder for the carrier. Model includes moving ailerons, flaps, elevators, rudder,and passenger door as ...

FS98 Pan Am DC-10-30

This DC-10-30 N81NA named “Clipper Atmosphere” of was the first received in 1980 to use in the intercontinental routes. New version with detailed paint scheme, landing lights, ...

Pan Am Boeing 747-100 Clipper Juan T. Trippe v3N for FS2000

Moving parts added with Aircraft Animator Textures, Night Lighting and Moving Parts: Nathan Tenney Download:

FS2000 Pan Am Boeing 737-200 Clipper Berlin (Billboard Scheme)

Moving parts added with Aircraft Animator Textures and Moving Parts: Nathan Tenney Download:

FS2000 Pan Am Boeing 737-200 Clipper Berlin (Old Colors)

Moving parts added with Aircraft Animator Textures and Moving Parts: Nathan Tenney Download:

Pan Am Boeing 707-321B N414PA ca.1979 for FS98 and FS5

The last Pan Am Boeing 707’s made their final flights around 1981. However, since 1958 they have been proving to be good haulers, and by the mid/late 70’s an amazing fleet ...

FS2000 Pan Am Clipper Pathfinder 727-200 Quiet Wing

Moving parts added with Aircraft Animator Winglets and Hush Kit Modifications: D. E. Waldron North American Executive Airlines (NEA) Atlanta Maintenance Center. Textures and Moving ...

FS98 Pan Am A300B4-203 ‘Clipper America’ (N202PA)

Powered by two General Electric CF6-50C2 each providing 51,000 lbs. Delivered to Pan Am in 1984. By Emmanuel Parot. Download:

Pan American World Airways Boeing Stratocruiser for FS2000– 1958 Light Blue color scheme

This is a new B377 simulation updated from the basic model released in April, 2000. It is textured for night lighting. Windows are illuminated, and it has transparent cockpit windows. A ...

FS2000 DC-8-62 Pan American Airways

Douglas Commercial (DC) Model 8, Series 62 Original FSFS design: Kim Simmelink, PFG AF99 upgrade, AA and night lighting: Dee Waldron Flight Model: Michael Verlin Paint: Michael Verlin Download:


Pan American World Airways DC-7B in the later 1960s scheme of Pan Am Aircraft by Tom Gibson and Harry Follas Download:

FS98/FS2000 DOUGLAS DC-6A Pan American Airways

“Clipper Ocean Express” Pan American operated five DC-6A freighters, N90908 “Clipper Ocean Express” was delivered in 1958. Model now features animated cargo ...


Douglas DC-4 (C-54) of Pan American Airways. N88938 ‘Clipper Guiding Star’ began service in July 1946, and survived in service until 1964, aquiring Pan Am’s new livery ...

FS98/FS2000 Pan Am B747-421

Pan American World Airways Boeing 747-421 registration N744PA Clipper Virtual World. REAL ROUND BODY. From Sandro Bernardini original. Repainted by Apichart Owcharoenporn Download:

FS98 Boeing 747SP in Pan Am’s Billboard livery

Completely hand programmed to break all limits: more than 1500 parts, round fuselage and engines, 23 textures, 3D engine inlets, superdetailed landing gear, landing lights and no bleed ...

FS98/FS2000 B707-320B PAN AM

This jet has all the usual animated surfaces spinning engine fans animated flaps,rudder and gear. Designed by:Fred Albrecht Painted by: MARK HARRISON Download: