FS2000 Canary Islands 2000

For FS2000
Scenery by Alfonso Bello
Review by Maikha Ly

This scenery consists of the Canary Islands, in the Atlantic Ocean just off Africa. It contains the coverage of the Canary Islands including small islands out the coast of main ones. It has a fairly large amount of detail not just including the airport but on the islands. These include light-houses, container ships, cruise liners, buildings (equipped with helicopter pads that you can land on!), a harbour with cranes and more ships! and best of all, THE airports!!!!! Oh did I forget, large mountain ranges too! The airports have highly dense detail including hangars, control towers, passenger terminals, static aircraft (More on those later) and a whole lot more!!! The entire scenery area also includes navaids in which are VOR’s, NDB’s and ILS’s for runways at the large airports, making it easier to navigate around the islands.

I started out in Gran Canaria, the large international airport. Just before take-off I taxied around the terminal to see the detail around them. I went off the runway and onto the apron towards the terminal. As the terminal was visible, static aircraft started to appear and then boarding gates. I could see around 3 aircraft, as I got around the Big Lufthansa 747 another 2 aircraft appeared, Cubana and Iberia were the airlines. Just above the top of the terminal was a huge sign saying “Aeropuerto de Gardo- Gran Canaria” which is Spanish for “Airport of Gardo-Gran Canaria” As I past the Iberia Jet I turned around the apron and taxied back to the runway (whoops! watch out for the Antonov-12 as you go along).

I taxied back onto the runway and positioned myself on the centreline, set the flaps, set the radios towards Tenerife North Airport. With my imagination of the ATC giving me clearance I set off the brakes, applied full throttle and sped down the runway rapidly in my new toy, the Tango 2 courteous of Captain Slug! As I got down the runway I gently pulled lightly on the yoke. I was gently rising from the ground and as I passed the general airspeed I retracted the flaps and gently turned left heading towards my destination.

For all to notice: Tenerife North Airport was a scene of the world’s worst air disaster in which two 747’s (Pan Am and KLM) collided into each other on the runway in dense fog. This disaster claimed somewhere more than 550 lives!

The airport was a distance away in which was fairly visible in 20mile haze after taking off from Gran Canaria. I would take a few minutes to get there, flying over a wide area of water. A pilot’s worst nightmare is having an engine failure over a dense area such as a mountain range or the middle of the ocean!!!

As a few minutes passed I noticed a small object just in-front of the island. It looked as though it was a building in the middle of the water, it was actually a container ship!! I wanted to have some fun doing this, as I got closer and closer to the ship I applied full-throttle, set the flaps to about 10degrees, and then slightly dived to a lower altitude on a collision course to the ship (Trust me guys! I know what I’m doing!) The ship was about a quarter of a mile away, the airspeed of my aircraft was increasing and it was starting to get out of hand, as the ship was just in-front of my face (well a little further) I suddenly pulled up as steep as I could gradually and then recover myself! Now that’s a thing to try out if you think if you’ve got attitude!

Well back to business now, that recent ‘stunt’ was to test my skills in flying and to test my new toy! I set back onto the course towards Tenerife North and recovered to my original altitude and speed. The island was starting to appear. just to my left you could see Tenerife South island, with the harbour, filled with ships and other things. Just on the hills looking over the harbour was a building with a helicopter pad, this building is in-fact “Hospital Universitario de Canarias, Tenerife” which is in Spanish for “Great University Canary-Hospital of the Canary Islands, Tenerife”. I had to get my attention off this for once because I was going towards Tenerife North.

Just a few moments after that I had got contact with the VOR ‘INOR’ 108.70. I turned towards the display on VOR 1 and gradually intercepted it. I had spotted the runway and began the landing checklist. I slowed the aircraft down set the flaps and then positioned myself towards the centre of the runway. I had passed the middle marker and descending slowly. A moment later I passed the Inner Marker and I was well heading towards the threshold! I then passed the airport boundary then the threshold. I pulled the nose up just a tiny bit then cut the power. Just after that there was a skidding sound and it was touchdown!

Landing at Tenerife North was sort of easy, except you do face the fact years ago two aircraft had collided on the same runway you just landed at! I taxied off the runway and headed towards the terminal. I’d taken a break then just for a few minutes preparing my next flight, a flight towards the main island next to the airport and a flight around the tall mountain ranges. I got back into my Tango, started up the engine and then taxied out to the runway. As I got onto the runway I turned in position with the centreline and then applied the takeoff checklist. After that I was zooming along the runway then rising from the ground, turning towards the next destination, Tenerife south!

Tenerife South was fairly close to North. I decided to fly over the harbour low but this time, slowly! I turned left then headed for the harbour. Just as I did, I remembered about the Hospital overlooking the harbour, well I slightly turned right towards the hospital. The hospital seemed to be getting closer rapidly, I wasn’t travelling fast, As I got closer and closer I adjusted the altitude to fly slightly over the building slowly. Zoooommm!! A surprise for all the sick children in the hospital.

Just after the fly-over I applied a fair amount of throttle then turned towards the harbour. It was quick though, the harbour had a few container ships, large cranes on the harbour and a cruise ship! I flew over the harbour low and slow then turned around one more time because I was going to return to Tenerife North The harbour just went right under me!

It was my final go so I turned and headed towards the airport and minutes later I eventually landed on the same runway before and taxied to the terminals!

Note: This flight was just for three islands, there are much more islands then the ones I’ve just flown and there are more surprises to find!

Conclusion: Well what can I say? This has been an adventure for me today. Especially for what I would have called it ‘island-hopping’. This scenery has a large coverage for a coastal area and has the detail to go with it! I would give this a:


Reviewed by Maikha Ly

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