Iberia Airbus 330 EC-LUB yr C9768 35mm Aircraft Slide For Sale

Iberia Airbus 330 EC-LUB yr  C9768 35mm Aircraft Slide

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Iberia Airbus 330 EC-LUB yr C9768 35mm Aircraft Slide:

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3) As this Postage system has been such a persistent problem since 2015 when it was introduced I havehad to switch to "Flat Rate Postage" where one Postage charge covers ANY amount of Slides bought and I have set up my Listings with a different Flat Rate Postage cost for the UK, Europe and World Rate.The alternative would be regularly spending timerefunding excess Postage back to the Buyer when the Cart / Basket has not been used if more than one item has been bought,a further problem is that does not return the Final Valuation Fees element of refunds to the Seller which means the Seller is effectively paying extra Fees to sort out Postage problems.
4) I have no interest in profit from Postage so I will keep an eye on Postage charged by using "Flat Rate" against the actual cost of Posting Slides and keep the difference as level as possible.
Tracked Postage.5)If the value of Slides is high I will send them by "Royal Mail International Tracked" Postal service for additional security. The cost of "Tracked" is an extra £5 on top of the Standard International rate so my Flat Rate Postage charge will be well below what it actually costs to send them. (ie an envelope below 100 grams and a maximum of 5mm thick "Tracked" to Europe is £6-50 and World Rate £7-25 on 2018 Prices).Fixed Price Slides & Shop Categories1) When I List Fixed Price Slides for the first time I create an Shop Category for that month this means that if you would like to look at a specific month (ie latest additions) they can be viewed seperately from the older Listings.
2) To view my Shop Categories please click on the little door next to my response score and on the left side of the page you will see the different Categories.Details**Slides are free of defects unless stated in the Listing. Slides may have dust or fluff visible which can be cleaned off.**Some Slides may have a little writing on the Slide Mount which identifies when are where they were taken.**Copyright remains with the Photographer**Slides are Posted in a cellophane sleeve and placed inside the receipt protected by light card on both sides with the Flap and sides of the envelope secured by sellotape to ensure they arrive safe and undamaged.
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