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Offered is one of the 2 original data plates that would go in the cockpit of the 509th B-29 Up An' Atom. B-29 44-27304 is one of the15 combat B-29's that were on the Island of Tinian, that was capable of dropping atomic bombs near the end of WW II. This may be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Having something like this, is like having the red / green arming / safety plugs for Little Boy L-11, or Fat Man F-31 / F-33, in terms of collecting magnitude. Here is a list of the 15 combat B-29's of the 509th Composite Group, on the Island of Tinian, that could drop an atomic bomb in July / August 1945, all built at the Martin, Omaha, Nebraska Plant:
44-27296 B-29-36-MO 84 Some Punkins44-27297 B-29-36-MO 77 Bockscar44-27298 B-29-36-MO 83 Full House44-27299 B-29-36-MO 86 Next Objective44-27300 B-29-36-MO 73 Strange Cargo44-27301 B-29-36-MO 85 Straight Flush44-27302 B-29-36-MO 72 Top Secret44-27303 B-29-36-MO 71 Jabit III44-27304 B-29-36-MO 88 Up An' Atom44-27353 B-29-40-MO 89 The Great Artiste44-27354 B-29-40-MO 90 Big Stink44-86291 B-29-45-MO 91 Necessary Evil44-86292 B-29-45-MO 82 Enola Gay44-86346 B-29-50-MO 94 Luke the Spook44-86347 B-29-50-MO 95 Laggin' Dragon
Questions and Answers:
Question: Why does the data plate show it as a B-29-35, when it was a B-29-36 ?
Answer: I don't know. It is my understanding that the Block 35 B-29's in this groupwere built as a B-29-35, and then modified to carry atomic bombs, making them a B-29-36.perhaps they did not bother to restamp another data plate to reflect the change. This waswar time...
Question: Why does the Date Accepted show March 10, 1945, when the paper records show April 3, 1945 ?
Answer: I don't know. Perhaps since this was war time Up An' Atom rolled off the assembly line March 10, 1945,was modified to carry Atomic bombs, which brought it up to block 36 standard, by April 3, 1945.
Question: Why does the data plate show the aircraft as a B-29A, when the numbering and lettering on the side inthe picture show as a B-29B ?
Answer: It is my understanding that B-29-35 aircraft were built as "A" models. The data plate is stamped as a B-29-35.
How did you arrive at a price for the data plate ?
Answer: Not much to go on here. Looking into the past: Little Boy L-11 had 3 safety /arming plugs, 3 green for safety, and 3 red to arm the weapon.In 2002 an original green plug, and red plug sold for about $167,000. In 2019 another original green safety plug, and red arming plug, sold for about $100,000. The red arming plugs would have had to have been spares, as the originals installed on Little Boy L-11 on the Hiroshima mission were destroyed in the explosion. Considering that, this item is I feel relatively reasonably priced. This itemis for the high end collector who wants and can afford it.
The last 3 pictures are not part of the sale, and are for reference only. The 2 photos of the Martin data plate give an idea ofwhat the other data plate would have looked like. It is of course a replica. The last photo shows the nose section of B-29-36-MO 44-27304, front section nose art. As can be seen there are 4 black Fat Man shapes, shown, which would indicate, as I understand, this aircraft dropped 4 practice Fat Man shapes.
The crews, those who worked on the Manhattan Project, the airplanes, and the Little Boy and Fat Man atomic weapons, brought an abrupt end to WW II, ushered in the Atomic Age, and changed the course of world history.
Enola Gay survives today and is at the National Air and Space Museum. Bockscar also survives, and is at the United States Air Force Museum. None of the other 13 B-29's on the list are known to survive today. Do your own homework and research. If you have any doubts, in any way, as to the authenticity of the data plate, do not offer ! If it does not sell, the owner is more than happy to keep it. I do not need any negative response or problem buyers.
Study the photos carefully. They form a large part of the description.
Shipping to the USA only this sale. All sales final. No returns.
Buyer is responsible for all taxes when purchasing. No charge for shipping this sale. On this sale shipping very likely by DHL with insurance. Payment by Paypal only. Payment is due within 3 days of the end of the sale, or the sale is null / void, and the item is eligible to be relisted. is not what I do for a living. Will ship within 10 days of receiving payment. If this is a problem for you, do not offer, buy, or offer. May God protect and bless the United States of America. Thanks for looking.

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