12in x 3in Avgas 100LL Vinyl Sticker Aviation Gas Fuel Container Decal Sign For Sale

12in x 3in Avgas 100LL Vinyl Sticker Aviation Gas Fuel Container Decal Sign

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12in x 3in Avgas 100LL Vinyl Sticker Aviation Gas Fuel Container Decal Sign:

12in x 3in Avgas 100LL Vinyl Sticker Aviation Gas Fuel Container Decal Sign 12in x 3in (304.8mm x 76.2mm) Avgas 100LL Vinyl Sticker

Product Description:

This sticker is 12 inches wide by 3 inches tall when applied. It features the words, AVGAS 100LL, in black letters on a white background. The pink line in the image shows where the sticker is cut; the pink line is not printed on the sticker. This carefully crafted product is durable and easily visible, making it a great way to keep your fuel containers clearly labeled!

Premium Quality Stickers:

StickerTalk stickers are made to the highest standards. Your Avgas 100LL Vinyl Sticker is made using only name brand materials. We start with solvent-based inks that are scratch resistant, UV resistant and waterproof. We print that ink onto high quality vinyl that utilizes a special air release technology. This amazing tech incorporates micro channels into the adhesive, allowing you to smooth out most air bubbles after installation so there isn’t a need to keep removing and reapplying until you get it right. However, if you do need to remove and reapply the sticker, because it isn’t straight or you just don’t like the location, this special adhesive allows for that too. We have tried many brands and many different product types, and this is the best product available. To make your new Avgas 100LL Vinyl Sticker even better and to ensure that it will last for years in most outdoor environments, we laminate every one with a PVC UV resistant film. This provides extra protection against UV rays and scratches and adds more life to your sticker. This step is one that most online sellers skip because it is time consuming and costly. However, at StickerTalk, your satisfaction is our primary concern. We won’t sell an Avgas 100LL Vinyl Sticker unless we know it is the best we can make.

 * Easily Removable from Most Surfaces (NOT REUSABLE)* High Quality Stickers Professionally made in the USA.* Waterproof* Printed with name brand solvent based inks that are waterproof, scratch and UV resistant.* Laminated with UV Resistant PVC for extra protection. * Utilizes Air Release Technology that allows you to smooth out most air bubbles without removing the sticker.* Backed by StickerTalk's 30-Day 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Shipping

$0.99: All products shipped within the US are shipped with United States Postal Service with tracking for only $0.99.

Expedited 2-3 Day Shipping: For only $7.99 extra we will ship your order via FedEx 2-Day or USPS Priority Mail Service and it will be delivered in 2-4 days depending on what time the order is placed. All orders received by 11:00 am Central Time will be shipped the same day.

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

At StickerTalk your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If you aren't completely satisfied with any purchase from StickerTalk, you may return it within 30 days for a full refund. We will even pay the return shipping. If you ever have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. We are always happy to help.

High Quality Materials

Only the highest quality materials go into the production of our Stickers. They begin with Air Release vinyl which allows air bubbles to be smoothed out from under the adhesive. We then use Green Guard certified, solvent based ink that will not fade over time to provide the best quality color for the stickers. Then, to top it off, we laminate all of our products to provide another scratch resistant and UV resistant layer in order to provide the best quality product that we can.

GreenGuard Certified Ink

The Eco Solvent ink that we use for our products meets some of the world's most rigorous and comprehensive standards for low emissions of volatile organic compounds. This GreenGuard Certified ink promotes global suitability and environmental standards.

The Origin of StickerTalk

The creation of a company that manufactures high quality stickers, signs, magnets, and more began before it was even an idea. It all started when the founder, Jason Chambliss, was only 13 years old. Him and his dad would purchase old, broken arcade game machines and restore them to their former glory in order to fill their rooms with fun machines or sell the ones that were not their favorites. Occasionally, a machine would arrive with the once-colorful art on the side destroyed or faded. In order to combat this issue, they purchased a small vinyl cutter so that they could make stencils for painting the side art on these machines. With this cutter, Jason learned to design and cut out "stickers" from the vinyl not used for the arcade machines. He would sell these stickers to friends and others from school, but the main purpose of the machine was still for the arcade game art. A little later down the road, with money saved up from selling the arcade games, they were able to purchase a larger commercial machine designed to print and cut on vinyl material. With this printer, they could print the side art completely and stick it to the sides like giant stickers instead of using stencils to paint. There was still no plan of creating a company revolving around stickers. With the new machine Jason began to play around with making the same little stickers that he had made with the old cutter, but now he could print in full color. The designs improved and a couple new stickers were made, but instead of selling them to friends, they were listed online for sale. Amazement was all he felt when they actually sold a sticker for the first time online. With a new motivation, the arcade machines were moved to the back burner and stickers began being produced. It was slow at first. There was still no intention of turning it into a business, but rather a fun hobby that might make a few dollars here and there. Soon, the whole family was in on the action. They were all taking part in the making of these stickers. More stickers were being created. The more they listed, the more they sold. In 2013, StickerTalk was born. Since then, StickerTalk has been built by the Chambliss family as well as several wonderful employees that have been hired along the way. With professional equipment and thousands of products for sale, they are far beyond the small arcade machine hobby that sparked this idea many years ago. Today, StickerTalk strives to deliver the best possible product for every customer who buys from them. With a vast number of products to chose from, there is a StickerTalk sticker or magnet for almost any situation. Yes, We Have a Sticker for That!


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