For FS2004 / X-Plane
Reviewed by Santiago Cianciulli

If you are helicopters pilot or enthusiast this is a product that they must not forget.

I have flown in helicopter and that flight I enjoyed very much. They are different sensations to give it a flight by air and the pilot of that flight told to him that you had a good time more and more flying in helicopter.

I began to pilot in the flight simulator right after that journey, I did not understand they controls. I contacted with known people and that way it was as I knew than existed the “collector” and the importance of the pedals in the helicopter. I have tried to pilot during years with my Ms Sidewinder its 3D and you always were complicated for me.

Now I received this magnify Argentine product that it is home-manufactured and I begin to enjoy the flights in helicopter in the Flight Simulator.

The installation is simple, you must connect the cable to USB port and Windows detects it automatically without need to incorporate driver in order that it work correctly. The “collector” is connected by other cable to the pedals, and in the pedals you have the cable to connect in the computer.

The collector is mounted over a little board where we have to sit over it to get the collector on good position. After having all connected and with the Flight Simulator opened, we began our flight.

The difference is big, the possibility to stabilize the helicopter in only a few meters from the floor I never do it with another joystick, having the totally independent instruments I believe that is very good and of course, in this case, it does more real flight in helicopter on Flight Simulator. Believe me that accomplishing a stationary flight is fantastic, could have increased at least some meters unless the helicopter be lifted in excess and descending unless it descend in excess you are better still. I did not believe that this be possible in the simulator if I did not have a lot of ability but I done it with this excellent hardware and its excellent.

Now, my question was how compatible it is this product, even though I say that it was MY question, I am sure that those that are reading this and possess XPLANE also are going to ask the same thing themselves. And the answer is that the product is totally compatible with XPLANE, the sensation of flight this very good and stability is very good too. The fact of the matter is that the joystick is totally compatible with Windows and therefore any simulator than utilize is going to be the joysticks detected by Windows perfectly compatible with the Heli-kit.

The product was tested for a friend that is helicopter pilot and he was very enthusiasm utilizing this product since you coincide with me in which you are very stable and it manages to simulate what would be a flight in helicopter in the real world to a great extent.
He is an helicopter lover and possesses in his simulator many of them and they have tested a few and they have not had a problem. We do emergencies with engines failures so we must land it and they were funny more us.

Definitively I recommend this excellent product.

System requirements

– Windows ® ’98 or higher.
– Any joystick for use as cyclic command.
– One USB free port.
– Any PC flight simulator.

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