Vietnam Carrier OPS (VCO) is a set of MSFS scenery and planes done to recreeate the feeling and challenging experience of daily carrier operations during the Vietnam war era.


In the package box you will find a “quickstart” reference card, an illustrated booklet containing background information about aircraft carriers/planes and the program CD.


The install procedure is very easy and fully automated, just insert your CD and wait for the main screen, then choose appropriate button between FS2002 and FS2004….aaand wait a while.
Launch ArrCab from your desktop then FS, you are ready for take off!

Program Features


Included aircraft are F-4 Phantom, A-6 Intruder, A-4 Skyhawk, A-7 Corsair and F-8 Crusader. All planes are well done and good looking, but they are basically FS2002 planes, so don’t expect to find “top of the edge” ones. Anyway they are all fitted with moving parts and details like folding wings, tail hook and so on. Each plane is equipped with a custom set of weapon visual effects, they will not cause damage to FS objects, but they do nice explosions hitting them, so you can practice your gunnery skills.


Each plane is equipped with a 2D and a 3D virtual cockpit, but some panels are composed using unaltered default FS gauges giving an annoying mix up sensation, same thing happens at night where some of the gauges are glowing red, some not.
Anyway they are good enough to give you the right sensation, expecially flying the F4 and the A7 where all things are set in the right place with the right colours.

The F-4 and A-6 panels.


The aircraft carrier (USS Constellation CVN-64) looks quite good and detailed, you will find, deck crew, vehicles, cranes, blast barriers, lights, moving objets and the meatball (the carrier landing system). You and your plane are perfecly fitted in that enviroment and the AI planes are of the same quality as yours. I’m sure you will spend many hours during your ops aboard the ship testing your flying skills around the clock and in bad weather.


ArrCab is the “engine” of this package and is needed to operate the catapult and the arrestor cables, just launch it before FS and keep it working in the background.
Taxi your plane direct to a take off position, on the rail after the blast barrier then press SHIFT-F9 to activate the catapult, apply parking brakes, set flaps as required, push full throttle and release brakes for takeoff. All done… you are leaving the flight deck.
No special buttons are needed for landing, just reach the final leg, configure your plane (flaps, gear, tailhook, speed) and try to land your plane as smooth as you can over the cables.


As I said before you will enjoy flying off and aboard that ship, planes and panels are not state of the art, but you have a full package at the same price of one “top of the edge” planes.
The best thing is that you can fly any of your planes without any cfg or panel/gauge changes, just load it and follow the procedure, but the other very good thing is that if you don’t like the carrier too, you can also add the catapult launch and cable-trapping feature to any airport in FS (need MS Excel to do that).
So you can change ship and planes and use the program as “engine” for your carrier operations only.

FINAL SCORE 3 out of 5