San Francisco Muni Cable Car #50 Original Negative Hyde & Francisco For Sale

San Francisco Muni Cable Car #50 Original Negative Hyde & Francisco

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San Francisco Muni Cable Car #50 Original Negative Hyde & Francisco:

San Francisco Municipal Railway

Cable Car #50

Original B&W Negative

San Francisco, California

15 May 1954

Photographer Credit: Victor Vinzent DuBrutz

Size - 4" x 5"

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Up for offer is a B&W Original Negative of a MUNI Cable Car.This large format negative is in very good condition. I did not manipulate this negative: what you see is what you get! This was stored in a tobacco-free home in Northern California.

This is a great find for anyone interested in Cable Traction in the Golden State!

I have lots ofmaterial from other roads! Check out my other listings!

The words "Shadyside of the Tracks, LLC"only appear on thesale site; they are not on the negative.

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