SPAD XIII WWI aircraft empennage/tail replica, full-size. Historical artifact. For Sale

SPAD XIII WWI aircraft empennage/tail replica, full-size. Historical artifact.
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SPAD XIII WWI aircraft empennage/tail replica, full-size. Historical artifact.:

SPAD XIII World War I fighter! Own a piece of world history. A very unique, perhaps once-in-a-lifetime opportunity indeed.Originally destined for a museum exhibit, this partial aircraft build can now be yours to suspend or display in your residence or office lobby. Are you a die-hard aviation enthusiast? Own this premier fighter used predominantlyby America's #1 air ace and US Medal of Honor recipient, Captain Eddie Rickenbacker.The unique and very historically accurate 94th Aero Squadron "Hat-in-the-Ring" artwork was very recently accomplished by a professional colleague, Gary Velasco of Fighting Colors in Ruckersville, Virginia.Built over a 4-year period with more than 640 man-hours/$8000 USD in materials by a fully FAA licensed US aircraftmechanic! Fuselage measures roughly 4 meters (13+ feet) and a width of 3 meters (~10 feet) and built very close to full blueprint standards **, this artifact is a keen and impressive glimpse into state-of-the-art wartime aviation heritage just fifteen years after the Wright Brothers flew at Kitty Hawk, NC.Wooden frame, steel bracing wires, solid and rigid, yet fairly light weight, this purposefully "uncovered" construction reveals the amazing, beautiful wooden architecture which is normally completely hidden from view in historic, fabric covered planes of that early aviation period.It must be clearly understood that the article is meant to be hung or suspended from some type of overhead structure. There is an actual tail "strut" which will support the rear of the item, but the front of the item terminates just aft of where the pilot would normally sit, and therefore there is no actual front support as part of the build. It is important to understand that at least the front section must be suspended in some way so as to prevent the "belly" from contacting a floor or obstacle. Assistance is recommended to the buyer for appropriate and safe means of suspending the article! Seller assumes no risk in the decisions made regarding displaying the product.Planes during these wartime missions could be configured to carry either an onboard reconnaissancecamera OR two 25 pound Cooper bombs which the pilot could remotely discharge from his cockpit via two independent levers. This build is equipped with the latter arrangement (excluding linkage) and includes two dummy bombs as shown, complete with rotating arming propellers.Outstanding peculiar features include unusually detailed craftsmanship in both wood and metal media. Many materials have had to be researched and methods discovered and developed and/or hand-made in accordance with methods which are no longer used in modern aircraft construction. Unique bracing wires with peculiar end terminations have been fabricated and installed per blueprint specifications. Many metal fittings were either built using water-jet and/or CAD technology. Others were painstakingly hand-crafted using 100% analog equipment. Seller has had approximately 50 years of experience in especially wood fabrication and has also participated in numerous related aircraft builds in addition to being professionally employed for more than 20 years as a commercial airline, skilled mechanic.A fairly detailed work log which was maintained during the entire 4+ year build was kept, and copies of the pages are available upon request. A full set of builder blueprints can also be included.All wood surfaces have been treated with boiled linseed oil as a preservative but also as an enhancement to the wood appearance.A very large percentage of ferrous metals used have had high-quality speckle grey powder coating applied with a very long service life under normal interior environments.Unpainted ferrous metal surfaces have been treated with preservative which may warrant retreatment in future years for optimal protection.Constructedand maintained in a full-time, climate-controlled environment, this very popular airframe has been built with the intent of easy shipping in mind. Can be trailered domestically from North Carolina to your location. Shipping arrangements will be made as quickly as possible after consummation of the sale. UHaul has a covered, 12-foot trailer that's an inexpensive solution of exactly the right size.
* Please note that this merchandise is NOT intended as an airworthy product in whole or in part, and builder relinquishes any such responsibilitytoward the buyer.** A few negligible material substitutions were made in an effort to keep overall weight and costs lower. An example is use of a high-grade aluminum alloy elevator main spar rather than using much heavier steel.*** A set of removable front wheels have been added just for the ease of moving the item about. Buyer may opt to discard this convenience, as it is wholly a non-actual SPAD add-on, and is not meant to represent the true forward landing gear assembly whatsoever.**** This product is NOT intended for outdoor environments and should be kept in a 24/7/365 fully climate controlled space for the duration of its life.***** Questions concerning this item are solicited as there is no easy way to anticipate or pre-answer all descriptions possible.

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