Original slide- UPY RP20BD #2644 NEW GenSet (Now Off Roster) For Sale

Original slide- UPY RP20BD #2644 NEW GenSet (Now Off Roster)

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Original slide- UPY RP20BD #2644 NEW GenSet (Now Off Roster):

Original FUJICHROME Provia 100 processed slide of UPY 2644 photographed 2/11. The attached photo is a low resolution scan only and is not an accurate representation of the actual slide which is clear and sharp. The exact date and location are nearly always listed on the slide. Multiple wins should automatically reduce shipping to my fixed rates listed below, but if they are not, please e-mail me for an updated invoice. Due to my low slide sale costs, I do not include tracking and I cannot guarantee delivery by USPS. If you would like tracking, I will have to ask for an additional $2.00 to cover this cost.

I now have fixed price shipping, so you can checkout at any time without needing to ask for an invoice. I will still send invoices every Sunday.

Shippingwithin USA: $1.25 for any amount up to 40 slides

Shipping to all other countries: Any amount up to 40 or each group of 40: $1.75

Please pay for items you win! I have activated 's automatic non-payment dispute and strike process as I have been hit with some non-paying winners. Payment accepted via Paypal. Last, I apologize but I am now required to charge sales tax to transactions within California.

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