1888 OLD WEST Pioneer RAILROAD Indian OUTLAW Massacres PONY EXPRESS Gold Rush US For Sale

1888 OLD WEST Pioneer RAILROAD Indian OUTLAW Massacres PONY EXPRESS Gold Rush US

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1888 OLD WEST Pioneer RAILROAD Indian OUTLAW Massacres PONY EXPRESS Gold Rush US:

Note: Many of my clients are scholars and historians seeking specific information related to their research. For their convenience I include the following details directly from this book:

Subject Matter Featured in this Work (General/Partial Only, Please See Full Contents in Main Description Below): Echoes From the Rocky Mountains John W. Clampitt Antique Illustrated Leather Binding Pictorial Great West Discovery Exploration Lewis and Clarke Louisiana Purchase Settlement Pioneer Emigrant Emigration Westward Manifest Destiny Covered Wagon Trains Indians Plains Massacres Indian War Robbers Vigilantes Lynch Mobs Pony Express General John Fremont California Pacific Coast Northwestern Territories Indian Attacks Violence Indian Songs Legends Dance Culture Rituals Yosemite Yellowstone Donner Party Cannibals Cannibalism General John S. Sutter Marshall Mormon Ocean Express Overland Mail Electric Telegraph Transcontinental Telegraph Company Stagecoach Mail Coach Wells Fargo Express Pacific Railroads Gold Spikes Southern Pacific Texas Pacific Railroad Northern Pacific Frontier Towns Murder Desperado Missouri River Steamboat Julesburg Nebraska Denver Colorado Pike's Peak Garden of the Gods Williams Canon * Boulder South Park Arkansas River Valley Cheyenne La Porte Prairie Dale Creek Bow Valley Medicine Bow Station Fort Rock Springs Alkali River Traders South Pass Sioux Bannock Indians Wyoming Massacres Grand Canyon Colorado River Powell Expedition Green River Salt Lake Fort Bridger Scout Jim Bridger Echo Weber Canon Pulpit Rock Mighty Wahsatch Brigham Young Mormons LDS Utah Morrisites Camp Douglas Danites Salt Lake City Joseph Smith Sevier River Round Valley Fillmore Beaver St. George Mountain Meadows Massacre John D. Lee Trial and Execution Locusts Bear River City Shoshone Falls Snake River Fort Hall Arizona Sacramento Yosemite Valley Great Vigilance Committee Montana Road Agents Robbers Execution of Slade Milk River Virginia City Indian Dances Legends Lore Dance of the Calumet Scalp Dance Scalping Blackfoot Indian Yellowstone Nevada Washoe Reese River Mines Mining Quicksilver Big Bonanza Gold in Colorado Silver Lead Deposits Leadville Dakota Black Hills Wyoming Bad Lands Mineral Deposits Idaho Washington Territory Silver Western Empire Kit Carson Thomas Jefferson

ECHOES FROM THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS Reminiscences and Thrilling Incidents of the Romantic and Golden Age of the Great West, with a Graphic Account of Its Discovery, Settlement and Grand Development. By John W. Clampitt. First Edition (presumed). Published in 1888 by National Book Concern, New York. 10” x 7” full leather binding. “Elaborately Illustrated.” 671 pages.

Condition: VERY GOOD ANTIQUE CONDITION. Expertly restored by a professional book conservator. New morocco leather spine with original spine leather laid on. Inner hinges repaired, binding reinforced. Text block firm and secure. Text is clean and complete. No torn, loose or missing pages. Nice example of this rare 131-year-old Western title.


ECHOES FROM THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS is a monumental, “elaborately illustrated” testament to the great western expansion – the tide of emigration that began with the discovery of gold in California and was still underway when this book was published in 1889. It’s a literary and illustrated panorama of life west of the Rockies. The true-life legend of the bold pioneers who crossed the continent by whatever means possible, beginning with covered wagons and culminating in the golden age of the railroad, when steel rails were laid across the Great West to once and for all unite the two American coasts and fulfill the promise of manifest destiny.

It is not a story for the faint of heart. The pioneer days were perilous times in which only the strongest and shrewdest survived. This book is overflowing with episodes of tragedy, treachery and triumph -- dangerous treks across mountains and plains, daring and sometimes fatal river crossings, encounters with hostile Indians, ambushes and massacres, robbers and marauders, vigilantes, lynch mobs, and more.

In the Introduction, the author writes:

The pages of this book record many scenes, events and perils clustering about the life of the writer during a residence of several years as an officer of the Federal Government in the far West, in the territory embracing the Missouri Kiver and the Pacific Ocean.

It likewise relates the earlier voyages of discovery in its trackless depths. First by that known as the Lewis and Clarke expedition at the instigation of President Jefferson, who sought a highway to the Pacific Ocean, through our newly acquired territory, known as the Louisiana Purchase ; and by that of the path-finder, John C. Fremont, who later on verified the dream of Jefferson and opened up a highway to myriads of gold seekers.

It tells of the early settlement of California, the Pacific coast and Northwestern Territories consequent upon the discovery of the precious metal in Sutters' Mill race on the Sacramento, by Marshall the Mormon, and the swift settlement and development of that land of wealth and wonders.

Of the establishment of the Pony Express, and the great Overland Mail Express lines that speedily followed.

Of the vast system of electric wires connecting the Orient and the Occident.

Of the building of the three great lines of transcontinental rail- roads that pour the mineral and agricultural wealth of that region into the lap of the world, and of the national legislation promoting the vast labor.

It describes much of the wild scenery, glowing landscape, majestic waterfalls, mighty lakes, mysterious mountain vales, lost rivers and natural wonders of the far West.

It tells of massacres and assassinations of pioneers who first trod its unknown depths. Of Indian violence and treachery of the white man. Of mail-coach pillage on the highway, and the robbers of the canons. Of the vigilantes of California, Montana and Idaho, and scenes and incidents connected with the exercise of their mysterious and tremendous power.

It speaks of Indian songs, legends and dances. Of the wonders of Yosemite and the Yellowstone. Of great mining industries and the vast productions of gold and silver that enabled the Government to resume "specie payment." It relates the acquisition of territory and the means whereby we acquired title to many thousands of square miles of territory.

It is a brief review of the earlier history of events, marking the development of the great "West and the perils that beset the path of the American pioneer.

It is the product of leisure hours snatched from busy professional and official life, and is presented to the reading American public as an exhibit of pioneer life, truthful and original, in many of whose exciting scenes and events the writer participated, and who was inspired to prepare the work from the deep reverence he holds for the American pioneer.

It has been in the main carefully prepared from notes and records made by the author during the prosecution of his official trusts. Wherever information has been obtained from other sources, they have been fully verified before adoption.

It has been in some degree a labor of love to commemorate the virtues and brave deeds of many mountain friends who have crossed the "divide” and passed down into the sweet Valley of Rest.

It is presented after the lapse of years, that the generation which has grown up' since their fathers' heroism opened the great Pacific highway to the world may know and understand through "what perils passed and dangers undergone" the foundation of this mighty Western empire was laid.

At a whopping 671 pages, reading this book will be something of a journey in itself. To help you find your way, I have provided some helpful details below, starting with a detailed summary of the book’s contents. You’ll also find a summary of the more than 100 illustrations. You can even see some of these historic images for yourself.

offer high, offer early, or you may have to offer “adios” to this wonderful illustrated chronicle of the American westward expansion.


CHAPTER ONE: The Romantic Age of the Western Frontier * The Adventurous Settlements of the Pacific Coast * Discovery of Gold, 1848 * The Lewis and Clarke Expedition * Fremont's Expedition * Fremont's Early Life and Marriage * Terrible Sufferings in the Sierras * The Donner Party - Compelled to Eat as Food the Bodies of Their Dead Companions * Gen. John S. Sutler * Marshall, the Mormon * General Sutter's Ranch on the Sacramento * The Pathway to the Pacific

CHAPTER TWO: The Pony Express * From River to Ocean * The Story of Its Establishment * The Wager between the Ocean Express and the Overland Firm of Russell, Majors, Waddell & Company * The Continent to be Crossed in Fifteen Days * Fifty Thousand Dollars the Wager * Story of the First Ride * The Lost Rider * The Drowned Horse in the Platte River * The Wager Won by Twenty Minutes * The Pony Express Assured * The Pony Express Riders, Sui Generis * Facsimile Copy of Pony Express Envelope Which Carried the News of the First Election of Abraham Lincoln to Denver, then the Territory of Jefferson * Other Letters * The Pony Express and the Fast British Mail from China to London * The Pike's Peak Gold Excitement

CHAPTER THREE: The Electric Telegraph. * Early Experiments * Charles Morrison, of Renfrew, Scotland * The First Experiment Contemplated a Circuit of but Forty Yards * A Century Passes, and Telegraphic Engineering sends a Circuit Forty Hundred Miles across the Continent * The Mountainous Republic of Switzerland, the Sire of European Telegraphy * The Great Republic of America * Its Pioneers Lay the Transcontinental Wires * San Francisco Prints Daily News of London, Paris, St. Petersburg, Vienna, Calcutta and China * The Missouri & Western Telegraph Company * The First Office in Omaha * The Pacific Telegraph Company Chartered by Congress * The Overland Telegraph Company Organized in California * Sketch of the Country through which it Passed * Exciting Incidents and Adventures Connected with its Construction * Mode of Testing the Wires by Ranchmen * Discovering the Breaks * The Dream of Inspired Shakespeare Planting the Forces of Instantaneous Transit and Marshaling Time's Moments Realized by the World-girdling Telegraph * The Grants Made by Congress

CHAPTER FOUR: The Overland Mail, and Wells, Fargo & Co.'s Express * Sketch of Country and Mining Camps where the Mail Facilities were Supplied by Wells, Fargo & Co.'s Mail Express * The Frontier Post-office * The Postmaster Who Was a Mail Carrier * The Notice He Posted in a Trading Store * His Correspondence with the Postmaster-General * The Drivers of the Mail Coaches and Their Pay * The Way Beset by Indians, Robbers and Road Agents * Robbers as Drivers * The Murder and Robbery of a Coach-load of Passengers in Port Neuf Canon, Idaho Territory * Battle between Passengers and Robbers * The Founding of Wells, Fargo & Co.'s Express * Its System of abcxs Letter Carrying * A Great Financial Earthquake on the Pacific Coast * Fall of Noted Houses * Wells, Fargo & Co. again on Its Feet * History of Pacific Express Companies * Louis McLane * The Various Routes to the Pacific

CHAPTER FIVE: The Pacific Railroads * Surveys and Explorations by the Government * Acts of Congress * The Granting of Subsidies * A Minute Description of the Building of each Road * Their Plans and Methods * The Initial Point Established by Abraham Lincoln * His Appointment of Commissioners * The Commencement of the Work * The Immensity of the Undertaking * Hardships and Privation Endured * Completion of the Two Great Transcontinental Lines * Incidents Connected with Their Construction * Driving of the Two Gold Spikes * The Cost of Each Road * The "Credit Mobilier" * Its Mysterious Methods * The Vast Sums of Money it Captured * Oakes Ames * The Fabulous Earnings of the Roads * Their Great Benefits, to the Country

CHAPTER SIX: The Southern Pacific * The Route Marked Out * Infantile Efforts to Construct it * The Southern Commercial Convention * Resolutions Adopted * The Road Begun * Work Suspended * The Texas Pacific * Acts of Congress Relating Thereto * Description of the Route * Thomas A. Scott * Other Connecting Railroad Lines * The Land Grants by Texas * Earnings of the Road * Events Connected with its Construction

CHAPTER SEVEN: The Building of the Northern Pacific * The First Projected Road across the Continent * The Expedition of 1853 * Josiah Perham's Labors * Proposition to Raise One Hundred Millions of Dollars by Subscription * The Firm of J. Cooke & Co. * Its Connection with the Road * Placing of Eighty Millions of Bonds on the American Market * Some Methods that were used in Placing the War Loans of the Government * The Memorable Panic of 1873 * The Failure of Jay Cooke & Co. * The Widespread Financial Ruin that Followed * Henry Villard * The Oregon Transportation Company * The Final Completion of the Northern Pacific over the Route Marked Out by Thomas Jefferson.

CHAPTER EIGHT: The Robbers of the Overland Routes * My Mission from the Government to Capture and Prosecute the Depredators * Sketch of the Country * Exciting Scenes * Description of Frontier Towns * The vast Army of Men that were Scattered over the Country after the Close of the War * Murders and Assassinations * Depredations upon Overland Mail by Organized Bands of Mail Robbers * Railroad Towns by Night * Punishment of the Robbers * A Desperado's Innocent Amusement * Commissioned by the Government * Journey to the far West, via New York, Niagara and St. Louis * The Hudson, the Rhine of America * West Point * Other Cities

CHAPTER NINE: A Glimpse of Horace Greeley at Albany * Niagara Described * From The Falls to Chicago * St. Louis * Turkish Bath in the top Room of the Southern Hotel

CHAPTER TEN: On the Missouri * Story of the Gentle Missionary on the Missouri River Steamboat * The Baptist Elder and the Captain of the Ocean Steamer in a Storm * "Well, just swear a little."

CHAPTER ELEVEN: Journeying toward Julesburg * The Broad Nebraska Plains * "Spotted Tail" * Race on the Iron Road between an Antelope and the "Mighty Engine" * Julesburg by Gaslight * The Coach Ride to Denver * The Perilous Road * Indian Signs * Indians Circling around Us * Coaches Halted at Horses Corraled * Waiting for the Sundown Attack * The City of Denver by Daylight * Col. James T. Tracy * Tall Church Spires and Closed Stores on Sunday, in the place of the "Hurdy Gurdy" and the "War Cry" of the saleeers

CHAPTER TWELVE: The City of Denver * Pike's Peak * Garden of the Gods * Williams Canon * The Gun-Barrel Road * Snowy Range * Long's, Gray's and Pike's Peaks * Boulder City and Boulder Canon * The Wonderful South Park * The Valley of the Arkansas * Fossil Footprints * The Science of Ichnology * The Road to Cheyenne * Scenes of Indian Violence * The Black Embers of the House and the Story of the Murder by Indians of a Pioneer's Family

CHAPTER THIRTEEN: The Midnight Supper and Dance at La Porte * The Prairie on Fire * Riding Through the "Wave of Flame" * Arrival at Cheyenne * Primitive Post Office * The Story of the "Lawyer's Offer and the Justice's Jurisdiction" * Sudden Illness and the Doctor's Interview * Ordered to be Bled * Dale Creek and Dale Valley in Summer and Winter * Change * Magnificent Panorma of Mountain and Valley * Morning Dawn in the Mountains

CHAPTER FOURTEEN: The Journey over the Plains * The Spirits of Medicine Bow Valley * Medicine Bow Station * The Subterranean Fort * The Land of Antelopes * Rock Springs * The Lone Station in the Wilderness * The Ice Waters of the Alkali * The Frontier Traders who Left Their Goods to Gaze upon the Beauty of Two Lady Passengers in the Overland Coach * Washakie, the Good Chief of the Bannocks * South Pass City * " Miner's Delight * Battle between Sioux and Bannocks * Miners Aid Washakie to Repel the Sioux * The Sioux's Revenge * Massacre of Settlers in Wyoming

CHAPTER FIFTEEN: The Grand Canon of the Colorado * Review of Major Powell's Explorations * Stories and Legends of the Mystic Stream * Perils Passed * Battling with the Waters * Going Down the Falls * Sublime Courage and Heroism

CHAPTER SIXTEEN: Midnight Adventures upon Green River * Crossing the Turoffer Stream in a Skiff * Almost Lost * Loaded to the Gunwales * Miraculously Saved * The Mayor of Cheyenne and two Others Lost at the same Spot a few Weeks Afterward * The Famous Beauty at Green River Station, and her Voice of Thunder * The Murder of a Trader by a Green River Desperado * Arrest of the Murderer by the Civil Authorities of Green River City * Seizure of the Prisoner by Colonel Knight, Commanding the United States Camp, on the Banks of Green River at the Railroad Crossing * Uprising of the Citizens * Conflict between the Citizens and the Military * Two Thousand Citizens Meet and Arm * Great Meeting on the Public Street * Neetmok * The Citizens Demand to be Led against the United States Troops * Colonel Knight Loads his Cannon and Holds the Prisoner * Interview between Colonel Knight and a Deputation of Citizens of Green River * The Matter Compromised by Referring it to General Morrow, Commanding the Forces at Fort Bridger * General Morrow Telegraphs Colonel Knight to Hold the Prisoner at all Hazards * General Augur Countermands General Morrow's Order, and Restores the Prisoner to the Civil Authorities at Green River * The Escape of the Prisoner through the Treachery of the Deputy Sheriff * The Power of Money * The Inquest upon the Body of the Victim * The Masonic Burial of the Murdered Man in the Old Burial Ground of Fremont's Party

CHAPTER SEVENTEEN: From Green River to Salt Lake * Fort Bridger and its Command * Stories of the Indians * Old "Judge" Carter * The Indian Scout, "Jim Bridger," who never saw any bad Whisky; some of it might be better than another, but all of it was good * Cobble-Stone Hill * Through Echo and Weber Canons * The wonders of the Canons * The "Devil's Gate" and Pulpit Rock * "Rattle-Snake Hills" * The Great Dead Sea of the West * Zion's City * The Mighty Wahsatch * Description of Public and Private Buildings * The Tithing House and Temple * Brigham Young's Abode * The Lion House * The House with many Gables * Endowment House * Description of Scenery in the Valley * Brigham Young * His Wives * The Favorite Amelia * The Romance of her Early Courtship * The Homes and Avocations of Brigham's Wives * Habits and Business Life of the Mormons * Salt Lake Theater * John McCullough

CHAPTER EIGHTEEN: Utah Judges * Interview Bet ween Brigham Young and Judge Titus * The Mormon Officials and Judge Drake * United States Judges of Utah and Other Officials * The Morrisites * Murder of Their Prophet by Brigham's Direction * Other Murders * Great Excitement Among the People * System of Trade Among the Mormons * Zion's Co-operative Mercantile Institution * Brigham's Autocracy

CHAPTER NINETEEN: Camp Douglas * Conflict between United States Troops and Mormon Officials * Assassinations by Mormons * The Danites * Origin of Their Order * Its Mission and Its Murders in the Name of the Church and Religion * ''Bill" Hickman, the Chief of the Danite's * History of His Life * "Bill" Hickman's Confession to the United States District Attorney * Eighteen Persons Assassinated by His Hands * He Kills His Own Brother-in-Law in the Presence of His Sister, in the Name of the Lord

CHAPTER TWENTY: The Persecution of the Gentiles * The Life of the Editor of the Gentile Paper in Salt Lake City Threatened by Mormon Leaders * The Bold Attitude of the Paper * The Mormon Convention * Brigham's Speech Enrages the Multitude * Threatened Destruction of the Gentile Press * Armed Citizens Barricade the Entrance to the Editor's Sanctum and Await the Attack * Word Secretly Conveyed to Brigham Young by Colonel Lewis, Commanding the Post at Camp Douglas that He would Hold Him Personally Responsible for any Attack upon the Lives and Property of the Gentiles * Brigham Alarmed and Calls off in Haste His "Dogs of War" * The Good Bishop Wooley, the Friend of the Gentiles * His Sunday Evening Discourses * His Quaint Speeches

CHAPTER TWENTY-ONE: The Mormon Religion * Tenets of the Mormon Faith * The Power of Brigham Young, Their Seer * His "Communion with God" * The Blood Atonement * The Murder of a Wife by Her Husband * The Order of Enoch * Brigham's Great Wealth * George Peabody's Statement of His Deposits in The Bank of England

CHAPTER TWENTY-TWO: Utah, Continued * The New Movement * A Church Convulsion * Disfellowship of Leading Mormons by Brigham Young * Establishment of a Liberal Mormon Journal * The Sons of Joseph Smith, the Founder of the Mormon Faith, Appear in Salt Lake City * Brigham's Wrath * The Mormon Endowment House * Graphic Exposure of the Institution where Polygamous Marriages are Solemnized * Confession of a Woman Who had Taken all the Degrees * The Garden of Eden * Many Eves in the Garden * Brigham Appears as God and Drives Them from the Garden * The Words and Vows Uttered by the Candidates * The Oaths They Take to Sustain the Power of Their Prophet above that of the Government

CHAPTER TWENTY-THREE: The Winter Ride from Salt Lake City * Description of Scenery * Mormon Settlements * Three Days' Rain * The Mormon Bible * Our Blooded Horses * Monroe Salisbury, the Mail Contractor * The "Sleep" at Chicken Creek * Our Pre-empted Ranch on the Sevier River

CHAPTER TWENTY-FOUR: Christmas Eve in Round Valley * No Bed to Sleep On * Beating of Drums and Firing of Guns in Honor of Christmas Morning * The Terrible Storm in the Mountains * The Mormon Fort in the Wilderness, the City of Refuge * The Hospitality of its Kind-hearted Keeper * His Beautiful Daughter * The Ride to Fillmore City * To Beaver * To St. George * The Business Bishop of Beaver * The Mormon Ball at Fillmore City * The Belles of Fillmore City * Our Dance * Narrow Escape * The River Forded * Return to Salt Lake * Spies on our Track

CHAPTER TWENTY-FIVE: The Mountain Meadows Massacre * A Complete Account of the Murder of over One Hundred Rich Emigrants from Arkansas on Their way to California, by a Band of Mormon Militia and Indians * Believed to have been Murdered at the Command of Brigham Young * Young's Positive Knowledge of the Crime * His Report as Superintendent of Indian Affairs in the Territory Attributes the Bloody Deed to the Indians, when he Knows that the Dark Crime was Committed by Mormons at his offerding * The Emigrants, Unsuspecting. Betrayed, Murdered and Plundered * Their Mangled Bodies Permitted to lie Unburied, to be Devoured by Wolves and Vultures * Destruction of the Women and Children First, and the Men Afterward * The Confession and Affidavit of Bishop Klingen Smith * The Confession of John D. Lee * His Trial and Execution Twenty-five Years after the Commission of the Heinous Crime * Thrilling Scenes Described

CHAPTER TWENTY-SIX: The Grasshoppers * Graphic Description of the Descent upon the Valley of Salt Lake of a vast Army of Grasshoppers, and the Destruction of Every Living Green Thing in the Valley * The Patience and Resignation of the Mormons * The Tales Told by the Mormons of Strange Miracles for their Preservation in Early Days * The Stories of the Stork and the Crickets * The Sea-Gulls and the Grasshoppers

CHAPTER TWENTY-SEVEN: The Mail Robbers of Echo Canon * Graphic Description of Their Arrest and Punishment * Drivers in League with Robbers * Narrow Escape from Death * Trial and Conviction of Robbers

CHAPTER TWENTY-EIGHT: Bear River City * Murder Committed during the Construction of the "Grade" * Vigilance Committee Executes Outlaws * The Town Fired by Armed Bands of Desperadoes * Arming of the Citizens * Battle and Repulsion of ihe Robbers * Driven to the Mountains * The "Dead Line" * Arrival of United States Troops from Fort Bridger * Peace Restored * Midnight Ride from Bear River to Salt Lake City * The Upset of the Coach and Death of the Driver, Sage Collyer * Lost * Tramping Through the Derp Snows to Find the Wagon Ruts * The Big Baptist Elder and His Little Wife * "Hold Down the Coach" * The Perilous Ride Through Echo Canon

CHAPTER TWENTY-NINE: Shoshone Falls * Snake River near Fort Hall * Fishing for Trout * The Wondering Ducks upon the Waters, Who had Never before Seen the Face of a White Man * Bell's Landing above Shoshone Falls * Story of the Lone Miner on the banks of the Great Falls * Dashed to Ruin over the Falls

CHAPTER THIRTY: Lost in the Mountains of Montana * Wanderings * The Miner's Camp * My Guide * The Wild Beast in the Jungle * The "Pard's Regret" * The Governor's Search Party * The Telegram to Salt Lake City * Rescue

CHAPTER THIRTY-ONE: Wonderful Escape from Massacre by Indians in Arizona * Colonel Stone * Delegate McCormick of Arizona * Meeting in Washington City * On My Way to Join Them * Arrival at Sacramento * Telegraphic Order from Washington Directing Me to Return and Proceed to Montana on Important Government Business * Colonel Stone and Whole Party Murdered by Indians

CHAPTER THIRTY-TWO: Description of the Yosemite Valley

CHAPTER THIRTY-THREE: The First Vigilance Committee in California and the Great Vigilance Committee in 1851 * The Tolling of the Fire Bells * The Hanging of the Proscribed on Sunday from the Windows of the Vigilantes' Headquarters * Scenes and Events * Names and Dates

CHAPTER THIRTY-FOUR: The Vigilantes of Montana * Thrilling Description of the Acts of Violence on the Part of "Road Agents," or Robbers that led to the Formation of the Committee * The Executions Ordered by its Decrees

CHAPTER THIRTY-FIVE: The Execution of Slade * The Story of His Life and Death * His Wife * A New and Correct Account of His Early Life in Illinois * His Difficulty with Jules Beni * The Subsequent Killing of Beni by Slade'a Direction * Slade Connected with the Overland Express * His Removal to Montana * Freighting on Milk River * Earns Large Sums of Money Which is Spent in Riotous Dissipation * He Stamps Upon the Writ of a Court and Points His Pistol in the Face of the Judge * His Arrest at Virginia City, Montana * His Execution

CHAPTER THIRTY-SIX: Vigilance Committees in Montana, Continued * Names and Dates of Executions by its Decrees * Story of the Snow-Drifts on the Columbia * The Heroic Soul of the Robber Chief * Joaquin Miller's Story of Their Escape from Freezing

CHAPTER THIRTY-SEVEN: Indian Dances * Legendary Lore of Their Song and Dance * Baby Songs of Indian Mothers * The Young Warrior's Ordeal * Dance of the Calumet * Indian Rites * The Scalp Dance * Origin of Scalping * Not Always Fatal * Experience of this Indian Pastime

CHAPTER THIRTY-EIGHT: Sun Dance of Sioux * Its Religious Character * The Wolf Dance of the Tonkawas * The Snake Dance of the Moquis * Their Discovery by the Spanish Missionaries * Diagram Illustrating Ceremonies of the 'Dance * Story of " Night on the Plains" * The Sleeping Sentinel * Midnight * The Stake, Human Lives * The Blackfoot Indian Scout * The Avenging Fang of the Rattlesnake * The Family Saved

CHAPTER THIRTY-NINE: The Wonders of the Yellowstone * A Full Description of their First Discovery and Publication to the World by an Exploring Party from Montana

CHAPTER FORTY: Thirty-Seven Days of Peril * Review of the Story of Thuman C. Everts, One of the Party of Explorers from Montana Who Became Separated from His Party, and Who Wandered for Thirty-Seven Days in the Unknown Depths of the Yellowstone

CHAPTER FORTY-ONE: First Days of Nevada * Story of the Settlement and Scenes and Adventures in Silver Land * Review of Ross Browne's Description of Washoe

CHAPTER FORTY-TWO: Washoe and Reese River * Many Interesting Descriptions of Life in their Early Settlement

CHAPTER FORTY-THREE: Mines and Mining on the Pacific and in the Territories * Laws Relating to Mining * Character of Miners * The Vast Mineral Productions * Quicksilver Mining in California

CHAPTER FORTY-FOUR: Mines and Mining, Continued * Nevada, the Silver Land of the World * The Wonderful Productions of Its Great Mines * The Big Bonanza Companies * Discovery of Gold in Colorado * The Vast Silver and Lead Deposits * The Rise of Denver * Leadville * The Mineral Wealth of Dakota * The Black Hills * Gold and Silver Mining in Wyoming * Bad Lands * Bones of Great Animals * Mining in Montana * Its Vast Mineral Deposits * Virginia City * The Mineral Resources of Idaho -Washington Territory * Silver Mining * Its Minerals * Oregon * Utah * Its Mineral Wealth * The Mines of New Mexico and Arizona * Ancient Races * The Pathway of Civilization * The Upbuilding of Empire

CHAPTER FORTY-FIVE: The Course of Empire * History of the Acquisition of Territory * The Louisiana Purchase * The Treaty of Gaudalupe Hidalgo * The Contest Over the Question of the Northwestern Boundary * "Fifty-four Forty or Fight" * The First Discovery of the Columbia River by an American Sea Captain * Our Title Based in Part upon that Discovery * The Wonderful Growth of the Pacific Coast * The Territories * The Advancement of the Arts and Sciences * The Seats of Western Empire * Learning's Capitol on the Western Slope * Manifest Destiny of the Vast American Republic

Illustrations Include: Portrait Of Colonel John W. Clampitt, Frontispiece * A Vision Of Our Western Empire * Portrait Of General John C. Fremont * Portrait Of General Sutter * Discovery Of Gold At Sutter's Mill * Sutter's Fort * The Ancient And Modern Knight * Pony Express Race From St Joseph, Mo. to Sacramento, Cal. * Portrait Of Murray * Fac-simile Of The First Letter Carried Over The Plains By The Pony Express Bearing The News Of The Election Of Lincoln * Portrait Of Kit Carson * Lone Ranchman Frightened At The Sound Of His Own Voice * Laying The Telegraph Across The Plains * Frontier Post Office On The Plains * Mountain Mail Carrier * Overland Mail Express Arriving In Town * The Mail Robbers Of Port Neuf Canon * Letter Carrier On Snowshoes * Portrait Of Abraham Lincoln * Weber Canon, Union Pacific Railroad * Driving The Golden Spike * Portrait Of Thomas Jefferson * Just For Luck * On The Hudson, View From West Point * Arrival At The Southern Hotel, St Louis * The Mate And The Clergyman * Indian Mode Of Burial * Race With An Antelope * Camp Attacked By Indians * View Of Pike's Peak * The Farm Hand's Escape From Indians * A Martyr Pioneer * Escape From A Prairie Fire * Post-office At Cheyenne * Old Fort Laramie * Trout Fishing * Home Of The Antelope * The Lone Station In The Wilderness

Frontier Tradesmen Gazing With Rapture Upon Two Lady Travelers * Doherty’s description * Gate Of Lodore * Canon Of The Colorado Where Major Powell And Party Were Upset * Buttes Of The Cross In The Tooni-pin Wu Near Tu Weep * Marble Canon * Climbing The Grand Canon * Crossing Green River * The Famous Beauty At Green River Station * Arrest Of Murderer - Conflict Between United States Troops And Citizens * Flight Of Prisoner And Deputy From Green River * Echo Canon * Devil's Gate, Weber Canon * Portrait Of Brigham Young * Temple And Tabernacle Salt Lake City * Murder Of Morris * Destruction Of Morrisites * Gentiles From Jerusalem * A Danite * John D Lee * Bill Hickman * Bill Hickman Shooting His Son-in-law * Garment Of Polygamic Marriage Ceremony * Robe Of Polygamic Marriage Ceremony * Sal's Mother And The Lawyer * Mormon Herd * Southern Utah * The Storm In The Mountains * "You Must Ask The Bishop" * Mountain Meadow Massacre * Grasshoppers' Descent Upon Salt Lake Valley * Discovery Of Mail Robbers * Mail Robbers Of Echo Canon * Vigilance Committee Hanging Desperadoes * "I'm Not Much Hurt But The Whisky Is Gone" * Lost In The Deep Snow * The Lone Miner Going Over The Shoshone Falls * Standing Rock * Lost In The Mountains Of Montana * Chinese Cook * Glimpses Of The Yosemite * Vigilantes Hanging A Desperado In San Francisco * Masked Highwayman * Execution Of Hunter Slade Defying The Court * Night On The Lower Columbia * Robber Chief Saving His Band And Miners From Freezing * An Indian Dance * The Scalp Dance * Bloody Laurels Of The War Path * Indian Village - Sun Dance Pole * Indian Brave Graduating By Self-torture * An Indian Atonement * The Father Guarding His Family * Falls Of The Yellowstone * The Mud Volcano * The Giant Geyser * Fan Geyser, Yellowstone Region The Grotto Geyser, Yellowstone Region * Mountain Lion * A Night Of Terror * "He Beheld The Blazing Eyes Of A Forest Monster" * Everts Rushing From The Forest Fire * Imaginary Companions * Everts' Rescue * Mining Town * Succor Of Ross Browne By The Jew * Camel Train * Struck It Rich * The Trapper * Mount Hood * Rival Fur Traders * Fremont’s Peak

Remember folks, this is an 1888 original. This book is 131 years old.


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P G Wodehouse The Intrusion Of Jimmy picture
P G Wodehouse The Intrusion Of Jimmy

We Reach The Moon (1969) John Noble Wilford - Bantam Books Special Edition Pb picture
We Reach The Moon (1969) John Noble Wilford - Bantam Books Special Edition Pb

Statues At Large From Magna Charta To King Henry Vi (1786)  picture
Statues At Large From Magna Charta To King Henry Vi (1786)

Mrs. Lirriper's Legacy By Charles Dickens  Limited 1/1200 Slipcase Nf 1958  picture
Mrs. Lirriper's Legacy By Charles Dickens Limited 1/1200 Slipcase Nf 1958

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1990 Book Soviet Russia Ussr The Beauty Of Power In Good Condition In The Book 6