1856 print: LAIRD SHIPYARD, LIVERPOOL - shipbuilding; home of Confederate Rams For Sale

1856 print: LAIRD SHIPYARD, LIVERPOOL - shipbuilding; home of Confederate Rams

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1856 print: LAIRD SHIPYARD, LIVERPOOL - shipbuilding; home of Confederate Rams:

Laird shipyard,
LiverpoolThe Illustrated London News
October 25, 1856This is an original, single wood engraved only, which was published in the years leading up to the Civil War, over 160 years ago! The overall print measures 10 x 15.5 inches in size. It has a few short edge tears in its blank bottom margin, but is otherwise in fine and very attractive condition.It presents an appealing full-page engraving which is titled:“Mr. Laird's Ship-Building Yard,
Liverpool.”The drawing presents a great panoramic view of the shipyard in Britain, with workers laboring all over the yard, with piles of logs and stacks of finished lumber in the foreground, while at least a dozen vessels are visible in the water beyond the shore. The Laird shipbuilding firm later became notorious during the War for constructing ships (frequently known as “The Laird Rams”) for the Confederate Navy, and this identical print was republished in April 30, 1864, issue of the popular pictorial weekly, Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, to show Northern readers a view of the English firm which was aiding the rebels in the Southern states.On the back of this sheet appeared a related article about the engraving. This story is 58 lines of text, and is titled:IRON SHIPBUILDING AT LIVERPOOLThe text goes into good detail on the history of the Laird Shipyard, and notes how essential is has been in the business of supplying war ships for the British Navy. It says 75 ships had been launched or were ready for launching in the past 20 months, including the troop-ships H.M.S. Resolute and H.M.S. Assistance, both 1900 tons in weight; plus gun-ships and mortar-vessels. The article says, in part:“Iron shipbuilding on an extensive scale may be said to have originated at this establishment, as the first iron vessels for the United States, the first for the navigation of the important rivers Euphrates, Indus, Nile, Vistula, and Don, were all constructed at these works twenty years ago. Here also were built the first iron vessels carrying heavy guns . . . .” Etc. _gsrx_vers_856 (GS 7.0.20 (856))

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