The Netherlands 2000 Scenery for Flight Simulator 2000 (v1.0)

Wow! Finaly the NL2000 scenery!! All the Dutch Flightsim enthusiasts have been waiting for the 17 th. December! What an excitement! This is the first Netherlands for FS2000 there have been some local sceneries for example Amsterdam 2001 and some others but this is the first complete and free scenery and i hope it is not the last one.

Ok let’s get started
the package includes an setup so it is supposed to be an easy-installation for me and other users it turn out the other way i did not have installed the VB 6 runtimes DLL, after i did i restarted my PC and run setup again and it was fine then so if you prefer to install it by hand you can di it using the PDF file included y installed the scenery manually.

The setup gives you the ability to install various parts of The Netherlands i selected the full package and deactivated my Lago Schiphol 2000 scenery in case of conflicts i haven’t tried to run them together it could be that they are compatible without having to start to exclude areas i may review this in a later stage.

I recommend that you download everything except if you do not have 360 MB free space. (it will be 180 after the installation if you selected the full install)

after the installation you can remove the files you unzipped for the installation.

Ok lets Fly!

I started my journey on Groningen Airport Eelde (EHGG) why did i select this airport and not Schiphol? Well it has two factors the first is because i suppose they have payed a lot of attention to the Schiphol airport and because i live just 5 Miles from the airport and i now the details better than on Schiphol (EHAM) i had a look around and so almost all the buildings that are there in the real world but one thing immediately called my attention and that was the yellow hangars and some bad colors and some poor buildings for example a door that is bigger that a 737-800 that was one of the first things that i disliked.
After permission from the tower i taxied to runway 23 and took of with destination EHAM via Leeuwarden and Lelystad i made a VFR flight and made these stops.
After takeoff i climbed to 2000 FT and turned to my right in direction of my first way point i had a look to the city of Groningen and there was not a single building but the city was well positioned and had it’s lakes, rivers and roads. Something that is very good worked in in this scenery is the roads they are exceptionally good possitioned have good conections with eachother and have good lightning at night. I also noticed that there are some very nice ground textures which fit very good with the Netherlands. After that i noticed my frame rate! Let’s say that further to the south that i went i noticed that my frames went south to! I started at EHGG with about 15 FPS and ended up with about 6 FPS in Amsterdam!!! i don’t know how come but this is not normal for my system i think that the tools which have been used to make the scenery weren’t properly configured (ASD) i think it needs a lot of improvements in that way.

There has been used an unique texture for the forests in this scenery you can actualy see the forest like they are they have shape and are meshed up so that you can see the trees come out.
I very much liked this.

Leeuwarden is an military airport in the north of NL and it had some fences and trees around the airport and the buildings where good positioned i again saw the yellow unrealistic hangars.
But but the rest the airport was ok. After takeoff. I went to the Afsluitdijk that is the dam that separates the sea with the Ijselmeer it was constructed i think in the 20’s i am not sure my history of this country isn’t so good my history teacher isn’t very happy with this either 🙂

when o got there i saw the highway that goes over the dam and ends up in Noord holland. The dam had on the right side of the road all the way some grass i think that in the real world some cows or sheep hang around there all day.

When i arrived i crossed the Ijselmeer again in direction of Lelystad i saw the marina of lelystad and made my visual APP to the RWY.

It is an very nice airport in the real world and in this case it also is in the sim. It is also the home of Martin air flight academy Eelde is the home of the KLS the KLM flight school.
I noticed that on this airport had been worked very good very nice hangars static planes buildings they have been very accurate with this one.

after takeoff of Lelystad direct to VOR of Pampus to make APP to RWY 27 ass i turned to Pampus i could see the Bijlmer (the place where the 747 cargo from EL AL crashed in 1992 which killed about 50 people)

when i was on final i could see Amsterdam city on my right with the Amsterdam ARENA football stadion. They could insert a macro which makes it possible to open the arena in the summer 🙂

the APP lights are very good because they are just the same as in the real world it are like poles with a few lights on it i have never seen this before in Fs2000 but i also saw that one of those poles was in the middle of the highway a little bug let’s just say.

After touchdown i taxied almost around the whole airport to see it it was pretty amazing i saw everything one of the things i most liked was that people were standing in the gates and with these typical luggage cart and the typical yellow “See, buy, fly” publicity.
The tower has all the equipment in it and the lightning at night is simply great altought the light poles could be better on the docking area. When you are docked you can see the people standing in the terminal with those luggage cart the docking system is also the same as the real world. I think that some day we will not have to make any review of any scenery because they will be just like in the real world!

Also there was that good publicity of Heineken Beer with a text saying “this must be holland” there is also implemented real pictures of the interior of Schiphol.

This scenery need a few improvements just little bug fixes adding of some areas and details change of hangars and buildings. I have to say that this is one of the best scenery’s i have found free on the internet we are all lucky to have the ability of downloading this scenery for free and not paying a single $ for it we should thank the authors for this and hope for future releases of the scenery and updates.

textures: 7.5
Photo textures: 9
Realism: 8
Frames: medium 9 FPS on a 800 MHz 192 MB RAM and TNT2
lighting: 8.5
details: 8.9
objects: 6.9

total valuation : 9.2 points

Tested By Fabian Lukken
Supplied by

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