Jeppesen Sim Charts

Have you ever wondered where the pilots of airliners or light aircraft get those airport charts from? Have you ever wondered what they look like, and what information they hold? Jeppesen, a well known company with Flight Simulator who provide the Real-World Weather have produced a product called SimCharts this small program provides charts for nearly every airport worldwide.

Firstly when you insert the CD to install, it will ask you which region to install, there are a total of 6 regions, they are:

Canada/Alaska, Europe, South America/Latin America, Africa, Eastern Europe/Middle East/Asia and Pacific/South Pacific.

Sadly you are only allowed to install one of the above. Once installed you are given a complete database of airport charts. When you start the program you have 3 sections, on the left you will see a complete list of all the airports in the area you installed, centre you will see a blank space, but once you have chosen an area and a chart it will be shown here. And on the right we have another blank space, this will only be blank until we have selected our airport, in here we will then see the list of charts available.

In the left box you need to type either the airport ICAO Code or Name, for instance we will use Heathrow (EGLL) in the box we will type EGLL and we will then see the ID (EGLL) the location of the airport (London, UK), and its name (Heathrow). Once selected on the right we see all the airport charts, a total of 43 charts for Heathrow. But this can be lowered or highered depending on your settings. You can select which charts you want the program to find, you can have or disregard;

Approach, Departure, Noise, Airport, Arrival, Airspace.

You can select whether or not you want the program to bring up charts involved for Noise Regulations or not etc… So after you have found the charts, you are able to click on one of many, let’s take for example Heathrow Airport Parking Diagram. Once clicked the chart will appear in the middle box, which can be enlarged by zooming in or/and shutting down some windows which can easily be brought back up. We can see that the design is perfect shading where needed, and information in full detail. By pressing the print button at the top (making sure the paper is in Landscape position) we receive a print out of the chart. We can see all the relevant information, including Taxiway Numbers, Parking Stand Numbers, Pier/Terminal Names and a Legend. The Legend, which informs us of the information on the chart (example – 72(I) means (Taxiway 72, Inner). And obviously we can see the runways, coloured in Dark Black, this will stop you taxing on them accidentally. We now also see that Jeppesen are trying to stress that these ‘SimCharts’ are ONLY intended for Flight Simulator use, and not real world flying, so please take note of that!
Now I will explain another map that has slightly more detail than the previous. We will use the Heathrow Airport Map.

This is a plan of the entire airport, and obviously is quite large, and surprisingly takes two charts to show! Again the runways are dark black to alert pilots of where they are. We now are able to see the runway approach lights and how they are situated it the airport.

At the top of the chart we are given a little information on the frequencies used such as ATIS and APP. We then can see its co-ordinates, and runway lengths. All taxiways are numbered correctly, and so are the Terminals and Piers. Another kind of chart is ILS; this chart is a lot different to a parking diagram. The ILS Chart is used when flying a landing approach flown by the AutoPilot. The chart includes routes, headings, altitudes and frequencies all which are necessary when flying an ILS Approach.

So if you are looking for the ultimate charts for flight simulation and want to be like a real pilot then you desperately need this product.

Other charts available, such as Approach, Departure, Ground, and Tower are all included. Each chart specially designed, numbered and all the correct information needed is added.

The next thing we are given is SimChart Mover, this program that comes complete on the disk and installs automatically when SimCharts installs is used for transferring charts from the CD to your Hard Disk. By doing this you are then able to view these in Flight Simulator. This is a simple procedure by selecting SimMover and selecting the chart and simply pressing Copy To Hard Drive, and there you have the chart ready on your hard drive ready to be viewed in Flight Sim.

Now when you install a program many people don’t think to have a look at the ReadMe’s inside. Well when I first looked I was amazed at what I had found. Firstly we are given the usual help file which I admit is very good for solving problems or queries you may have. Then we have a glossary, which is well worth taking a look at!! It is a very detailed file which includes everything you may need to know while using charts.

For example the ‘Accelerated Stop Distance Available’ will all make your Simulation much more real. And finally we have a Legend File, now on the opening page you wont believe what you will find if you look. By looking around I found a page that showed me and described EVERY airport sign around, from CAT II signs to runway length signs.

Further down I found a detailed explanation of every marking on a runway, which came very useful. You can also easily find Approach Legends, SID/Star Legends and many more.

Well that basically everything that comes with the ‘Jeppesen SimCharts’. I have only one thing to say;

If you want the Ultimate Realism, The Ultimate Flight, and an Amazing Experience then the only option is to buy this cheap product that is only £34.95!!!!!

Thanks To Jeppesen. 

Jeppesen slide graphic computer/ pilot logbook picture
Jeppesen slide graphic computer/ pilot logbook

Leather Navigation Bag with Complete Set of Airway Charts/Jeppesen Plates picture
Leather Navigation Bag with Complete Set of Airway Charts/Jeppesen Plates

Jeppesen Model CR-2 Aviation Flight Circular Computer w/ Cover And Original Pkg picture
Jeppesen Model CR-2 Aviation Flight Circular Computer w/ Cover And Original Pkg

Canadian Hydrographic Small-Craft Nautical Charts 1350 Sorel A To Otterburn-Park picture
Canadian Hydrographic Small-Craft Nautical Charts 1350 Sorel A To Otterburn-Park

Jeppesen Computer, CR-3, Aviation Navigation Circular Slide Rule picture
Jeppesen Computer, CR-3, Aviation Navigation Circular Slide Rule

1967-80 NAPA Automobile PAINT COLOR DIRECTORY Notebook w CHARTS etc picture
1967-80 NAPA Automobile PAINT COLOR DIRECTORY Notebook w CHARTS etc