FS2004 WSK-PZL Mielec (Antonov) AN-2T

By Tim Conrad

First appearing in 1947, the AN-2’s was first dismissed as obsolete, due to it’s biplane layout and homely looks. But the “Annushka” would prove the nay Sayers wrong…. and how! The biplane layout proved itself, and there wasn’t much the AN-2 couldn’t do, whether as a passenger, cargo, parachuting, crop spraying, or spec ops plane. Over 20,000 were produced, mostly in Poland. Not bad for an “obsolete” design. This FS9 model has full ani’s, including drooping ailerons, cargo/pax doors, and cowl flaps, full VC, some custom gauges and Polish, Nepalese , and Russian paint schemes. Includes master tex’s for repaints.


First flown on August 31 1947, the An-2 entered production and service the following year. The unusual biplane configuration was chosen for its good takeoff performance, docile low speed handling and excellent climb rates, and the wings were fitted with leading edge slats and double slotted flaps, further improving performance, while power was supplied by a 745kW (1000hp) ASh-62 radial. Soviet production continued through until 1960, by which time a number of variants had been developed, including the base model An-2P, An-2S and -2M crop sprayers, An-2VA water bomber, An-2M floatplane and the An-2ZA high altitude meteorological research aircraft. Production responsibility was transferred to Poland’s PZL Mielec in 1960, with the first Polish An-2 flying on October 23 1960. Aside from the An-2P, Polish versions include the An-2PK VlP transport, An-2PR for TV relay work, An-2S ambulance, An-2TD paratroop transport, An-2P cargo/passenger version, An-2 Geofiz geophysical survey version, An2T utility and An-2TP passenger aircraft.


Type: An-2T
Function: Transport
Year: 1949
Crew: 2
Engines: 1*1000hp ASh-62IR
Length: 12.4m
Wingspan: 18.18m
Wing area: 71.5m2
Empty weight: 3360kg
Loaded weight: 5500kg
Wing load: 77kg/m2
Power load: 5.5kg/hp
Speed at 0m: 255km/h
Speed at ?m: 268km/h
Landing Speed: 85km/h
Landing Roll: 200m
Takeoff Roll: 240m
Flight Endurance: 3h
Payload: Load 1500…2000kg
Cargo: Cabin
LxWxH 4.10×1.60×1.80m3

ABOUT SSE Euro-Park Mielec

Poland’s first special economic zone dubbed “SSE Euro-Park Mielec” originated in a small industrial town of over 60.000 inhabitants, located in south-eastern Poland. The location choice was by no means accidental: the place has been selected to embody a model solution to a restructuring problem of huge industrial installations, to guarantee utilization of the existing infrastructure and its vacant capabilities, as well as the potential of human resources of qualified labor. The Zone covered the entire area within the boundaries of the former state-owned company, Transport Equipment Factory (WSK) “PZL-Mielec”. The Zone’s primary objective is achievement of strategic goals that might be summarized as creation of (eventually) 7.000 new job positions and development of the industrial estate and infrastructure left over after restructuring of the WSK “PZL-Mielec”. The project is envisaged as having a substantial effect upon the local community, perceived mainly as a chance to reduce unemployment and to stimulate growth of business activity as well as entrepreneurship spirit.


I’m truly amazed by every issue of FSPlanet! Especially when I see such unique aircraft such as this. The mere fact that someone takes the time to create a file like this and then freely allow others to enjoy it is what makes the flight sim community so special. After taking a look at the real model in 3 view and conventional photographs, I must say that the author did a superb job capturing the model to scale for FS-9. Flight dynamics are different, in a word, slug! This aircraft was a slow lumbering beast! The Author once again captures that real world feel in the dynamics, although closely resembles the DC-3 (wink). The sounds are default DC-3 as well, a little odd considering it’s a single prop plane. As far as the instrument panel goes, very nice considering the limits of 2D. The VC however is very nice with moving parts and a realistic looking cockpit and glimpse into the cabin. The Model is available in three textures, check it out. A very nice file and a keeper for sure, thanks Tim!

My Rating 8/10

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