FS2004 He 111H-6

Aircraft for Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 2 and FS2002/2004
Inclusive Groundcrew´s German Weapons Library#1

by Groundcrew Design Group
copyright2002Groundcrew Design Group if not stated otherwise

This particular plane is the representation of a He111H-6
flown by Stab I./KG 26 in France during Summer 1942.

He111 and weapons models made in Gmax using framerate friendly multiLOD technic.


Although it was commonly believed that the He-111 was originally conceived as a passenger
liner, in fact the first prototype was a bomber version and pre-production bomber variants were
coming off the assembly line at the same time the civil version was introduced to the public.
The initial production version He-111A was capable of carrying 2,200 lbs. of bombs mounted
vertically in what was the smoking section of the civil variant and was equipped with a
retractable “dustbin” gun position under the fuselage. However, the plane was seriously
underpowered and the Luftwaffe refused to purchase it. Looking to get some return on his
investment, Ernst Heinkel obtained permission to sell the He-111A to the Chinese government,
bringing some much needed foreign currency to Germany’s economy.

The He-111C soon followed as a dedicated passenger liner equipped with the same underpowered
engines as the “A” model. Lufthansa promptly refused the plane as being too slow and expensive
to be profitable. Despite this rejection, numerous propaganda photos were taken of the He-111C
with Lufthansa markings and a series of “route-proving” flights were made to Britain, France,
and the Soviet Union. In fact the planes had actually been transferred to a secret division of
the Luftwaffe and the “route-proving” flights were actually long-range photographic
reconnaissance missions.

Meanwhile, the He-111B was introduced with a pair of Daimler-Benz DB-600C engines and it was
this variant that first saw action in Spain with the Condor Legion. A new “D” version followed
with even more powerful DB-600Ga engines rated for 1,050 hp at take-off. A civil version of the
“D” model was made as the He-111G, but again it was rejected by Lufthansa and the plane’s civil
“career” was finally over.

However, DB-600 engines were desperately needed for Bf-109 and Bf-110 production so the He-111E
was introduced. Equipped with a pair of Junkers Jumo 211A engines, the E model offered many
aerodynamic improvements and was able to reach a top speed of 267 mph. The He-111F introduced a
simplified, tapered wing design, which permanently replaced the elegant elliptical wings fitted
to preceding variants.

From their combat experience in Spain, German air leaders concluded that their fast bombers
would always get through enemy air defenses, a theory that would prove disastrously wrong in
the skies over Britain. As a result no effort was made to increase the inadequate defensive
armament of the He-111 other than to replace the retractable ventral “dustbin” position with a
more streamlined “bathtub” position on the new He-111P model.

The “P” model differed radically from previous versions. The standard “stepped” cockpit
arrangement was replaced by a glazed and streamlined nose section, which housed the pilot,
bombardier and forward gunner. To provide better forward visibility, the pilot was seated off
to left side and the gun position was situated to the right, resulting in the plane’s
characteristic asymmetrical appearance. The “P”, which was based on the earlier “D” model was
equipped with DB-601A and was capable of carrying up to eight 550 lb. bombs.

However, once again the needs of the Messerschmitt fighters took precedence and the definitive
He-111H model was introduced with the same Junkers Jumo 211 engines used on the E and F models.
Subsequent sub-variants introduced more powerful Jumo engines, additional defensive gun
emplacements, and external bomb racks. The He-111H-6 was the first variant equipped to carry
torpedoes for anti-shipping attacks, a role to which it took like a duck to water. I/KG 26 was
the first unit to be equipped with the new H-6 model and they were deployed in northern Norway,
where they contributed to the destruction of convoy PQ17.

Twice taken out of mass production, the He-111 was reintroduced when its “replacements” failed
to materialize. A durable, capable aircraft, the He-111 soldiered on until the end of the war
and served in a wide variety of roles.


Type Long Range Medium Bomber/Night Bomber/Glider Tug

Crew Five

Power Plant 2 x Junkers Jumo 211F-1 1350 hp engines

Fuel Capacity 765 gallons

Unladen weight 19,136 lbs (8680kg)

Laden weight 30,864 lbs (14000kg)

Max Speed (19,685 ft) 270 mph (435 km/h)

Max range (Normal Load) 1,212 miles (1950 km)

Max range (Full Load) 760 miles

Max range (with wing tanks) 2,640 miles (with normal load)

Service Ceiling 27,890 ft (8500m)

Armament 1 x 20mm MG FF Cannon
1 x 13mm MG 131 Machine Gun
7 x 7.92mm MG 15 and/or MG 81 Machine Guns
1 x 4,409 lb bomb (carried externally) and
1 x 1,102 lb bomb (carried internally) or
8 x 551lb bombs (all carried internally)
Wingspan 74ft 1¾in (22.60m)

Length 53ft 9½in (16.40m)

Height 13ft 1¼in (4.00m)

Wing Area 931.1 sq ft (86.50 m²)


The He 111H-6 is one of the best bombers of the Second World War. The Flights Simulator’s
model is exactly like I have seen in photographs in the reality. It has got good textures, very
well detailed with every single detail. The power plants have excellent movement textures that
makes me personaly feel like if I was flying a real plane. There are no lights turned on when
you press the key to switch them on. It is a good plane in general. The only thing I will
recommend Groundcrew Design Group to try and fix is what I have mentioned before. A very good
My rating is 9/10.

RCAF Golden Hawkes Canadair Sabre Photo, HE769 picture
RCAF Golden Hawkes Canadair Sabre Photo, HE769

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