FS2002 MD Helicopters MD 600N

One of the world’s noiselessly one-turbine helicopters. Features moving
notar-system, virtual cockpit, 2D-Cokpit by Ian Standfast and Sound by Manuel Gonzalez.
By André Kaufhold

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The McDonnell Douglas MD 600N has been presented on the HeliExpo ’95 in Las Vegas. The first flight was on 8th November, 1994. The 600N is the stretched version of the 520N, with a 30 inch fuselage plug, an (more powerful) Allison 250C-47M-engine and a main-rotor with six blades. The 600N has a shorter (4,6 inch) diameter main-rotor and a more maximum take-off weight of 220 pounds.

While the development of the MD 600N there was a big observance of secrecy so that the helicopter was surprisingly advanced at the presentation. Because of the enlargement of the fuselage McDonnell Douglas is able to offer a one turboshaft helicopter within the class 6-8 seats beside the MD 900 Explorer. Therefore the MD 600N is becoming a direct competitor of the Eurocopter AS 350 A-Star and the Bell 407, but the 600N is up to 50 percent quieter and produces lower operating cost than competitive aircraft. The company AirStar Helicopters, which realizes round flights over the Grand Canyon, ordered at the day of the presentation the first two helicopters. The MD 600N is nearly perfect for round flights over national parks because a) all passengers have an excellent view and b) there are hard noise limitations which other helicopters don’t come up to. Some helicopters were build under the name of Boeing Helicopters because McDonnell Douglas was bought from Boeing. After that the dutch RDM took the branch of the civil helicopters over and since then the helicopters are produced of MD Helicopters Inc..

A test vehicle (desginated MD 630N) flew for the first time on 22. November 1994, and McDonnell Douglas officially presented the helicopter at Heli Expo in Las Vegas early in 1995. The production go-ahead for the MD 600N was given in April 1995. Tests with three production prototypes startet on 15. December 1995. Several test incidents related to tailbooms strikes at low rotor rpm led to some modifications and a five month delay in the certification programme. Certification was achieved on 15. May 1997. First delivery was made on 6. June 1997 to AirStar Helicopters, a tour operator at the Grand Canyon. By July 1998, the company has delivered 21 MD 600Ns to customers in the United States, Europe and Africa. More followed by year end, including helicopters for the United States Border Patrol, which has ordered 45 for use in drug interdiction operations and to curb illegal entry along the southern U.S. border.

After a year-long search for potential buyers and US Government rejection of a sale to Bell, Boeing finally completed the disposal of its civil helicopter business (inherited from the McDonnell Douglas merger) in February 1999. Newly formed MD Helicopters took over ownership of the single and twin-engine commercial products, including the MD 600N. The company is an indirect subsidiary of RDM Holding, a European-based industrial group.
Boeing will provide technical support for up to five years and did continue to manufacture some parts for a time. Assembly continues at Boeing facilities at Falcon Field at Mesa. MD Helicopters first leased these facilities but is in the process of buying them in 2000. A price reduction of 50000 US-Dollars was announced on 10 August 1999.


Light multi-purpose turbine helicopter (leichter Mehrzweckhubschrauber)
Country (Land)

MD Helicopters Inc.
5000 East McDowell Road
Mesa, Arizona 85215-9797


Crew: 1
Passengers: up to 7 in three seat rows, or 5 in club arrangement
Power plant: 1 x Rolls-Royce (Allison) 250-C47M
Power: 1 x 602 kW (808 shp), derated to a 447 kW (600 shp) for take-off and 395 kW (530 shp) maximum continuous, driving a fully articulated six-blade rotor.

Noise: 81,3 EPNdB at 500 ft flyover


Overall length, rotors turning: 11,25 m
Fuselage length: 9,30 m
Height: 2,74 m
Width over landing gear: 2,5 m
Rotor diameter): 8,38 m
Rotor disk area: 55,2 sq m
Aft cabin floor length: 1,83 m
Maximum cabin height: 1,22 m
Max. cabin width: 1,22 m


Empty weight, standard: 952 kg
Max. Payload: 907 kg
Fuel: 435 litres (115 gallon)
Max. payload, internal/external: 1179 kg (but cargo hook only certified at 970 kg)
Max. take-off weight: 1860 kg, or 2130 kg with external loads


Maximum cruise speed: 248 km/h
Max. Rate of climb: 9,0 m/s
Maximum operating altitude: 6097 m
Service ceiling: 3962 m
Hover ceiling:
– out of ground effect (ohne Bodeneffekt, ISA): over 2073 m on a standard day, or 1220 m at ISA+20 C
– in ground effect (im Bodeneffekt): 3505 m or 2255 m at ISA+20 C
Maximum Range: 704 km at 1829 m / ISA or 620 km at sea level
Endurance: 3,8 hour (at 1500 m, ISA)
g-limits: +3,5/-0,5


The MD 600N sold for 1,275 million US-Dollars in early 2000, up from 1,2 million US-Dollars in August 1999.
Claimed direct operating costs were estimated at 231 US-Dollars in 1999.


By the end of 1999, 49 MD 600Ns were in service worldwide. At the beginning of the year, shipments had stood at 36. Among the customers are:
AirStar Helicopters (Grand Canyon tour operator; first delivery June 1997)
WTVJ Channel 6 /NBC (Miami, Florida)
Saab Helicopter AB (Sweden)
Rotair Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department
Presta Services (France)
University of North Dakota
West Virginia State Police
US Border Patrol (has ordered 45 for use in drug interdiction operations)
According to AIA statistics, MD 600 series deliveries were 7 in 1999, 21 in 1998 and 15 in 1997.


Hello friends as always I have been flying this time with an very intresting copter. This copter as I’ve said before is from André Kaufhold. I would like to say some things that could have been improved or changed to make this file the best file I’ve never seen. I will start by saying a good thing about this copter. The thing is that I have seen a very goood main panel, or a good inside view of the main panel with many side views.Then if we change the view and focus on virtual cabin you will see some excellent textures with good shown gauges movements. Also in the virtual cabin you will find many diferent views of ALL around you, but to make the virtual cabin an excellent one André could have included some yoke and pedal movement. Then in the outside a very good textures with any problem spoted. A good shade texture thats all I can say from this copter. After all an excellent copter for FS2002.
My rating is 9/10

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