FS2000 CH-53W Sea Stallion Helicopter

The CH53 has been originally conceived as a heavy assault aircraft to be used by the U.S. Marine Corps. Its unique design resulted from the ‘Vertical Envelopment’ doctrine, devised during the Vietnam war. The idea behind it was an arrival, high above the ‘Hot L.Z.’, followed by a steep spiral dive to the ground and deployment of the troops and/or cargo. In order to withstand such a gruesome dive, the CH53 had to be very robust by design. In fact, as large and heavy as it is, the CH53 had been looped and rolled already during its test program, which testifies for it’s exceptionally strong construction.
Model by: Shlomo ‘SloMo’ Hakim. Panel by: Michael ‘Le Gros’ Vader (Pegasus Aviation)

Download: ch53navy.zip