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FS2000 Fokker 50 KLM Cityhopper PH-KVG

Flight controls, flaps, props, landing gear and taxi/landing lights are animated with AA Designed and painted by Aad Schouten. Nice flying and happy landings Download:

FS2000 Fokker F50 KLM Cityhopper v2.0

This is a complete new F50 with new flight dynamics, high res 512×512 textures. Now including nightlight textures The gear now retracts prototypical, the props looks like the real ...

FS2000 Boeing 777-300 KLM

Repaint of the default 777-300 in KLM. By Doeke Bakker Download:

FS2000 KLM B747-400 PH-BFN Nairobi version 1

Aircraft has full night lights. By Danny Best. Original AF99 by Bill Alderson. Mods by Erik Ellis 2000 KLM repaint by Danny Best Download:

FS98 Delta Airlines DC9-31 1980’s color scheme

Features 12-sided fuselage, moving parts, accurate color scheme, customer-correct window layout, and working lights. Registration N1280L. Visual model and paint by Bruce Bridges, flight ...

FS98/FS2000 DELTA DC10-30 N 915 WA

Delta Airlines has been one of the strongest supporters of Lockheed’s rival to the DC-10,the Tristar.However,the Airline has oerated DC10’s on two occasions.Rather ironically,Delta ...

FS98 Boeing 747-4B7 US Airways

747-400 series in US Airways livery. Aircraft designed by Camil Valiquette Flight Dynamics by Christine Dirksen US Airways paint by Kevin Sison and Michael Verlin Download:

FS2000 Delta Airlines Boeing 737-832 (Special Colors)

Highly detailed repaint of the default 737-400. Featuring photo real textures, and enhanced color palette. Based on Simon Jamie’s Blank 737 template. By John L. Welkener Jr Download: ...

FS98/FS2000 Delta Airlines Boeing 727-232 Advanced

Features 12-sided fuselage, moving parts, accurate color scheme, customer-correct window layout, and working lights. Registration N523DA. Visual model by Bill Alderson, reworking and ...

FS98/FS2000 Cyber Air Delta Airlines Boeing 747-400 V2

No More Of Those Boring Aircraft Where Things Just Appear Out Of No Where. Now Enjoy Your Boeing 747-400’s With Moving Landing Gear, Flaps, Spoilers, Alirons, Transparent Cockpit ...

FS/98/FS2000 Delta 747-132 (N9896)

N9896 was the first 747 to be delivered to Delta on September 16, 1970. Delta could not place the 747 in its route structure and they were returned to  Boeing in 1974.FDE by Alessandro ...

FS98/FS2000 Delta Airlines MD-88 v1.5

AF99 rework from Kim Simmelink / Project Freeware original. For FS98/2000. Author: Esa Kaihlanen Download:

FS98/FS2000 Delta DC-9-32

Delta was the first airline to fly the DC-9, aquiring them in 1965and retiring them in 1985. AFX by Brian Quayle, paint by Steve Kempf. Download:

FS2000 Douglas DC-4 of Delta Air Lines

Delta had seven DC-4’s which served from 1946-1953. They were all ex-military C-54 conversions. Moving Parts Version All-new plane by Harry Follas. Flight Model by Brian Horsey. ...

FS98/FS2000 Delta Airlines MD-90-30 v1.0

Painted by Esa Kaihlanen from Kim Simmelink / Project Freeware original Features corrected landing gear location and height Download:

FS98 Delta MD-83

Features maximum moving parts (including elevators, ailerons, rudders, flaps, spoilers, landind gears and doors, and engine fans), maximum textures, 12 sided fuselage and engines. From ...

Flight Simulator 98/2000 Delta Connection 328JET

Delta Connection/ ACJET Do-328JET Atlantic Coast Airlines’ parent company has started a new airline named Atlantic Coast Jet (ACJET) They will use Canadair CRJS and Fairchild/Dornier ...

FS98/FS2000 Delta Air Lines DC-10

Acquired in the Western Airlines merger, 1987. Registration number N915WA. Repainted from Theodore Mourabas’s Delta DC-10. Download:

FS2000 Boeing 757-200 Delta Airlines

This is one of the first 757-20 in the new delta livery. Delta uses the 757 on their long-haul domestic routes from new york to san diego and other western cities. By Steve Gryskiewicz Download: ...

FS98/FS2000 Boeing 737-232 in Delta Express Markings (New Colors)

A Boeing 737-232 in the colors of the Delta Air Line’s economy branch, Delta Express. This fleet carries the Delta Express colors to 10 cities in the northeast and Midwest. From ...